[xquery-talk] [ANN] Sedna XML database system v0.5

Maxim Grinev maxim at grinev.net
Tue Sep 27 17:30:32 PDT 2005

We are pleased to announce a new version 0.5 of the Sedna XML database

- Support for transactions (rollback and concurrency control)
- Support for database security (users and privileges)
- Support for Unicode (utf8)
- Support for XQuery external functions implemented in C 
  (limited to deal with sequences of atomic values only)
- Directory structure and file names changed according to "Filesystem 
Hierarchy Standard" (http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.html).
- Support for the following standard XQuery functions is added: 
fn:string, fn:string-length, fn:concat, fn:data
- Update language is extended with the replace statement
- Parameters of DDL statements are now computable
- No limitation on the size of an XQuery query
- Sedna API driver for the Gambit-C implementation of Scheme
- Sedna package for Alt Linux is now availible at 
(the package includes the previous version 0.4) 
- Bug fixes

New contributions:
- Sedna API driver for .Net (Thanks to John Wood)
- Sedna API driver for Python (Thanks to Anton Akkuzin)
- Sedna API driver for Chicken Scheme is packaged as an egg (Thanks to Felix

Maxim Grinev
Sedna team

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