[xquery-talk] Re: zero-length string namespaces URI

Pierrick Brihaye pierrick.brihaye at free.fr
Wed Sep 28 15:34:27 PDT 2005


Michael Kay a écrit :

> I don't think this *should* be allowed; but I don't think the spec says
> clearly that it isn't.

Thank you for your answer. I share your views.

> The zero-length string is not a valid namespace URI, though it is used in
> some contexts (e.g. xmlns="") to indicate the "not-a-namespace" (for want of
> a better term). I think the spec needs to say explicitly that this isn't
> allowed. Could you please raise it on http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/ ? 


Another question on zero-length string namespaces URI. Given :

> If the URILiteral part of a namespace declaration is a zero-length string, any existing namespace binding for the given prefix is removed from the statically known namespaces. This feature provides a way to remove predeclared namespace prefixes such as local.

What could be a pratical use case ? Should :

declare namespace fn="";

raise an error ?



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