[xquery-talk] specifying output method

Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Thu Sep 29 19:14:08 PDT 2005

Yes, there's no syntax for this in XQuery.

In Saxon you can either use an option declaration (these are

declare namespace saxon="http://saxon.sf.net/";
declare option saxon:output "method=html";

or you can specify serialization parameters on the command line:

java com.saxonica.Query ...... !method=html

Michael Kay

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> There doesn't seem to be an equivalent of <xsl:output
> method="xml|html|text"/> in XQuery and I get the impression that a
> tool-specific way of specifying this must be used.  Is that correct?
> If so, how can I specify that I'm generating HTML output from an
> XQuery when using Saxon?
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