[xquery-talk] search mechanism

Peter Mueller Peter.Mueller10 at gmx.de
Fri Apr 7 09:47:11 PDT 2006

Hi Wolfgang,

> > for $doc in //text
> > where $doc//abstract &= 'peter' and $doc//date &= 'java'
> > order by $doc//date
> > return xs:string($doc/@id)
> Yes, it looks right, though you could also use a predicate instead of
> the "where": for $doc in //text[.//abstract &= 'peter' and .//date &=
> 'java'] ... Some implementations prefer predicates over "where"
> expressions ;-)

Well, and eXist seems to be one of them! ;-) I am amazed of how much faster
the "predicate-way" is - at least in the case of eXist!

Thanks a lot for all your advice!

Best wishes,

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