[xquery-talk] xquery with large xml file

Jonathan Robie jonathan.robie at datadirect.com
Thu Apr 13 12:11:25 PDT 2006

Michael Kay wrote:
> It doesn't make sense to try and answer this question without knowing what
> product you are using.
> The query doesn't look particularly problematic. With Saxon it runs against
> the 10Mb XMark database in about 20 seconds, without any special memory
> settings. The output file is about 23Mb.

In our testing, most XQuery products start to suffer with XML files 
bigger than about 20 Meg unless they implement document projection and 
streaming. With DataDirect XQuery 2.0 (to be released in June), we have 
been querying XML files larger than 100 Meg with reasonable performance 
and near linear memory usage, and performance for files under 20 Meg is 
also very significantly improved.


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