[xquery-talk] xml large file

Carlo Innocenti minollo at minollo.com
Thu Apr 13 23:59:44 PDT 2006

>I tried to run it on stylus studio professional
>edition evaluation version 6. actually now, the trial
>period is over, i need to extend it.
>so do you know how to extend the period of trial?

Please contact us at stylusstudio at stylusstudio.com, or (781) 
280-4488, and have your activation key handy.

BTW, from what I can see from our activation server, your evaluation 
expires on 4/26/2006...

>also, are there any problems in stylus studio to support 11M xml 
>file? should i install another xquery engine?

Stylus Studio 2006 supports DataDirect XQuery, Saxon and its internal 
instrumented XQuery processor. You can try them and see how they work 
with your XQuery.

If your result is very large, you will also need to take into 
consideration the cost of the UI displaying such result. You can also 
use Stylus Studio to generate Java code running against DataDirect 
XQuery or Saxon without any UI overhead (XQuery > Generate Java Code).

Hope this helps,
Stylus Studio Team

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