[xquery-talk] question about what was sent from peter pothner

fatma helmy fatmahelmy2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 14 05:08:12 PDT 2006

dear all
peter pothner wrote to me the following

Michael Kay wrote:
> I fixed what I assumed was a typo.

I tried this:

declare function local:pathOfNode($node)
   if(empty($node/..)) then ""  else
    concat(local:pathOfNode($node/..), "/",
let $j:= doc("file:/tmp/standard")
for $n in  $j//* return

on the 100MB "standard" XMark test file, and then did:

$ java kawa.repl --main -C /tmp/path.xq
$ (date; java -Xmx600m path ; date)>&/tmp/log

sorry, i cant find a difference in recurive function
typing, it i the same as mine. also, i cant understand
the commands $java ..... etc. i use evaluation version
6 professional of stylus studio. i run from the inside
of styluss studio, what else can i do?

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