[xquery-talk] Generating an element sequence matching a template

Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Tue Apr 25 20:55:25 PDT 2006

Isn't it simply:

for $t in $template return
  element {$t} { string($row-data[local-name()=$t]) }

Michael Kay

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> matching a template
> Given a template of element names, I want to be able to write 
> an XQuery function that takes that template, as well as a 
> sequence of element nodes, and returns a "filled-out" list of 
> elements where the template supplies the final length of the 
> list and the names of empty elements to add to it if they're 
> missing from the data. It's probably easier to provide an 
> example than describe it.
> For example, given the data:
> let $template := ( "e_1", "e_2", "e_3", "e_1", "e_4" ) let 
> $row-data := ( <e_1/>11</e_1>, <e_3>33</e_3>, <e_4>44</e_4> )
> I want the "fill-row-data( $template as xs:string+, $row-data 
> as element()+ )" function to return this sequence:
> ( <e_1/>11</e_1>, <e_2/>, <e_3>33</e_3>, <e_1/>, <e_4>44</e_4> )
> The initial $row-data will contain some or all of the 
> elements named in the template, and in the same order where 
> present. The number of nodes in the final result will be the 
> same as the number of names in the template. Where the 
> element sequence has nodes corresponding to the template, 
> those nodes are left as is. Where nodes that are named in the 
> template are missing from the actual data, empty filler nodes 
> are generated (eg <e_2/> and <e_1/>.
> The problem is motivated by a desire to produce an xhtml 
> table where the list of <th> headers is fixed, but the actual 
> data rows are sparse and heterogenous. I want to be able to 
> generate homogenous rows so that the contents of each row 
> exactly matches the given header. 
> Howard
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