[xquery-talk] [ann] XQuery-based Compliance Management Solution

Frank Cohen fcohen at rainingdata.com
Wed Aug 2 10:04:10 PDT 2006

FYI: We shipped a new solution for ePedigree Compliance build on  
TigerLogic's XQuery and native XML database capabilities. -Frank


Press Release
Source: Raining Data Corporation
Southwood Pharmaceuticals Implements Raining Data ePedigree  
Compliance Solution to Enable Secure, Visible Drug Supply Chain
Tuesday August 1, 5:50 pm ET

Pharmaceutical Company to Improve Supply Chain Management, Perform  
Drug Authentication and Decrease Costs with Raining Data's XML- 
Centric ePharma Software

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Raining Data  
announced today that Southwood Pharmaceuticals Inc. has successfully  
implemented Raining Data's ePedigree Compliance Solution to enable  
regulatory compliance and to improve supply chain visibility and  
By enabling all of the workflows and master data management for  
Pedigree Compliance, Raining Data's XML-Centric ePharma Software  
allows Southwood Pharmaceuticals to be compliant with Florida,  
California and Federal Pedigree requirements while optimizing their  
business operations.

"Raining Data's XML-Centric platform enables our business to be agile  
and flexible in an environment of rapidly changing regulatory  
compliance requirements. Their ePharma Software was compatible with  
our existing processes and facilitated our business requirements for  
information management," said Cliff Scott, IT Development Director  
for Southwood Pharmaceuticals.

Southwood Pharmaceuticals leverages the solution to manage pedigree  
supply chain orders, maintain a segregated inventory of pedigree  
products, receive-authenticate-create-sign-ship pedigrees and provide  
a complete chain of custody audit trail for drugs in their  
distribution network. Southwood Pharmaceuticals also uses the  
solution in their warehouse to receive and authenticate drugs  
shipments. As a result, the company can realize savings by  
integrating the ePharma functions into their existing operations to  
ensure availability of pedigree drugs and increase security to deter  
illegally imported and counterfeit drugs from entering their  
distribution network.

"Southwood is excited to be a pioneer in improving the safety,  
security and visibility of the pharmaceutical supply chain by  
implementing Raining Data's ePedigree Compliance Solution. We have  
leveraged the power of Raining Data's XML platform combined with our  
own proprietary warehouse management system to rapidly enable  
compliance with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership," said Bob  
Goodrich, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Southwood  
Pharmaceuticals. "We look forward to continuing our relationship with  
Raining Data and utilizing this investment to optimize other areas of  
our business."

Raining Data's ePedigree Compliance Business Application leverages  
Raining Data's TigerLogic XML-Centric Software Platform, which  
integrates their leading XML Data Management Server (XDMS), XML  
Workflow Management Server (XWMS), and Composite Data Services which  
enable a wide range of solutions including Master Data Management,  
Customer Data Integration, Asset Tracking, RFID Data Management, and  
Case Management. In order to decrease cost, risk and complexity,  
Pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers & repackagers like  
Southwood Pharmaceuticals are implementing Raining Data's integrated  
and flexible XML-Centric platform instead of brittle solutions built  
on rigid, non-XML foundations.

"Our flexible solution enables Southwood to seamlessly collaborate  
with their broad base of trading partners who have a varying degree  
of technical sophistication ranging from paper to electronic  
pedigrees transmitted via fax, email, ftp, AS2 and web services and  
handle non-serialized and RFID-enabled pedigrees," said Varun Gupta,  
ePedigree Compliance Product Manager at Raining Data.

About Raining Data

Raining Data Corporation (Nasdaq: RDTA - News) has been providing  
reliable data management solutions for more than three decades.  
Product offerings include the high performance TigerLogic® XML Data  
Management Server, Pick® Universal Data Model based data management  
systems and .Net integration solutions. These products provide  
operational data storage, master data management, mid-tier caching  
and message storage solutions for technology platforms such as Web  
Services and Service Oriented Architectures. In addition, Raining  
Data provides targeted XML-centric applications such as RFID/Bar code  
asset management, ePedigree and compliance case management. Raining  
Data's customers represent more than 500,000 active users across  
20,000 customer sites worldwide in a diverse set of vertical  
applications. More information about Raining Data Corporation and its  
products can be found at www.rainingdata.com.

About Southwood Pharmaceuticals

For over 20 years, Southwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has been providing  
customized pre-packaged medications for in-office dispensing to  
physicians, group practices, and specialty clinics. As the needs of  
our customers have grown, so have the products and services we offer  
to enhance their practices. Dispensing and compliance software  
solutions have become an integral component of these services.

For more information, visit www.southwoodhealthcare.com.

Since 1989, Southwood Pharmaceuticals has outgrown 3 facilities and  
currently occupies a 42,000 sq ft campus in Lake Forest, CA that  
distributes nationwide.

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