[xquery-talk] Re: Finding a name and the resulting

Graham Reeds grahamr at ntlworld.com
Thu Aug 17 09:48:23 PDT 2006

> So the idea is that you have an HTML table where the first <td/> 
> contains a name, and all following <td/>s contain numbers that are 
> associated with the name?

I wish it was that easy.  Unfortunately because the work "number" (it is 
still referred to as a number even though it has been years since it was 
just a number) is a single column the original program designers decided 
to save screen space and double up the list, so you get:
tom 1    dick 2
harry 3

However if we work on just getting a single name and number out to begin 
with I would be happy.

> What about:
> for $row in $somewhere/table/tr
> let $name := $row/td[1]/string()
> let $numbers := $row/td[position() > 1]/string()
> return <user><name>{$name}</user><numbers>{ string-join($numbers, ',') 
> }</numbers></user>
> I don't quite understand the thing with just a single column, to whose 
> name is it associated then?

Yes.  On other pages you can see the exact nature of the project being 
worked on with.

It works, but not very well, and the company who wrote it are no longer 
in business.  Before they shut up shop they were nice enough to give us 
the latest stable version and have it unlocked.  Hence it is cheap and 
has no yearly costs.  The most glaring fault is a lack of history based 
tracking (so you can't see prospective completion dates.  There's 
currently a lot of cutting and pasting to and from Excel.



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