[xquery-talk] Count of Distinct elements performance problem

Kusunam, Srinivas SKusunam at rlpt.com
Tue Aug 22 16:53:18 PDT 2006


	Our requirement is we need to parse the input XML and get the
Count, NullCount, MaxLength, DistinctCount etc and apply some business
rules on the results. That is it. We do not want to store this data in
Database as we don't need this XML in future.

      How does MarkLogic works? I am assuming that with MarkLogic we
need to parse the XML and save it to its database. How expensive is this
operation? We will be getting requests to apply XQuery on lot of files
in range of 100Mb to 60GB (Max) in size.


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Michael Kay wrote:
> A performance question like this can only be answered with respect to
> a specific product.

Exactly.  With MarkLogic, a server-based indexed repository from the 
company where I work (marklogic.com), you could execute a query like 
that in roughly a second, once the document was loaded and indexed.  In 
fact, functionality exactly like what you're trying to do is used by 
large medical journal aggregator customers of ours to display citation 
counts of articles, for example.

Without an indexed repo, I think you're going to have a hard time.

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