[xquery-talk] Count of Distinct elements performance problem

Kusunam, Srinivas SKusunam at rlpt.com
Wed Aug 23 17:56:22 PDT 2006

Sorry I forgot to mention the environment.


XQuery Engine:   Data Direct

OS:                  Linux 32 bit

JVM:                  1.5.0


Are there any other products in the market which can handle this load? 


I tried with Saxon and it goes out of memory for even 1GB file on 32 bit
machine (1.8GB memory limitation) which does make sense as you said
previously Saxon needs a memory at least 3 times the size of input XML.






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Did you tell us what product you are using?


As I mentioned, the recursive code depends heavily on optimization in
the processor - as indeed does everything, with the kind of data volumes
you are dealing with.


Michael Kay


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