[xquery-talk] Order of results in XQuery expressions

Jens Teubner jens.teubner at in.tum.de
Mon Dec 4 11:01:16 PST 2006

On Sun, Dec 03, 2006 at 10:58:36PM -0000, Michael Kay wrote:

> > I need to retrieve elements in document-order, but when 
> > inside an xquery function I apply sth like:
> > 
> > let $var := /AAA/* 
> > 
> > I get a non-deterministic sequence.
> That should return results in document order unless you have set ordering
> mode to "unordered" in the query prolog, or have an enclosing unordered{}
> expression.

Though this is the way how all XQuery processors that I am aware of
behave, it is not actually demanded by the specs.  Rather, the default
setting of `ordering mode' (if nothing is set in the query prolog) is
implementation-defined (Sect. 4.7, XQuery 1.0 CR).



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