[xquery-talk] JavaOne submissions

Frank Cohen fcohen at rainingdata.com
Wed Dec 20 09:38:26 PST 2006

I submitted 2 sessions for JavaOne:

XML Query BOF - learn the latest on XQJ (JSR 225) and XQOM (XQuery To  
Object Mapping) projects

In November 2006 the W3C made official the XML Query (XQuery)  
specification as a recommended standard, Java developers working in  
SOA, Web Service, and XML environments are looking to performance,  
scalability, and ease-of-development that comes with using native XML  
tools like XQuery engines and native XML databases. This BOF will  
give a summary of the state of XQuery support in Java, the latest on  
the standard interface between Java and XQuery (JSR 225,) and the  
XQOM open-source project that provides a standard framework for  
mapping from objects to XQuery (http://www.xqom.org.)


There are many very robust Object/XML mapping technologies (i.e.  
JAXB, JiBX, Castor, etc...), but they don't truly abstract the actual  
persistence concerns that come with storing your data in a native XML  
database. Mapping technologies make it easier to marshal and  
unmarshal XML to objects, however, most are really geared to help  
messaging between services for interoperability.

That leaves developers with a missing mapping technology for  
application development where persisting XML data rapidly and  
efficiently is required. XQOM is a mapping library that abstracts the  
mapping of XML Query (XQuery) expressions and their result sets.

XQOM is a declarative framework allowing you to externalize your  
XQueries and their result set mappings for your domain model. Though  
it seperates the concern of persisting and retrieving your XML data  
as POJOs, it still allows you to work closesly with XQuery, giving  
your the ability to tune and customize the expressions to best fit  
your needs.

I'll let you know if these get any play.


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