[xquery-talk] lacking support for mixed content

Enric Jaen enric at nmg.upc.edu
Thu Dec 21 01:12:49 PST 2006

Hi, to the best of my understanding XQuery is lacking support for mixed content. For example, if I have:
 aaa <BBB> bbb ccc </BBB> ddd </EEE> eee </EEE> fff

How can I get "aaa" then <BBB> then "ddd" then ...from AAA ? or "aaa" then "ddd" then "fff"...? its typed value is "aaa bbb ccc ddd eee fff", so I can't know what text is outside elements.

If mixed content is a valid XML document, shoudn't Xquery support it?
Maybe I am wrong and there is a way, but I have not come across with it.
Help is appreaciated.

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