[xquery-talk] string manipulation

fatma helmy fatmahelmy2000 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 5 13:29:00 PST 2006

dear all 
i use xquery evaluation version, i applied what i
received from you regarding string manipulation, here
is the result
I tried the following and got these results:-

let $p:=string-join(tokenize("book/title/author",
"/")[1 to last() - 1], "/")
return $p 

it gives book/title/author , it did not eliminate
author , I need to get book/title

let $p:=
"/"), 1, last() - 
1), "/")
return $p

it gives me nothing

let $str := "book/title/author/kk" return
substring-before($str, concat("/",
substring-after($str, /")))
it gives me book only

I imagine that using parent , child primitives can I
get what I need? For example book/title is the parent
of book/title/author. How to mix these primitives to
get what I need?

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