[xquery-talk] string manipulation

John Snelson jsnelson at sleepycat.com
Mon Feb 6 00:17:20 PST 2006

Michael Kay wrote:
>>In order to do what you want, you will need to use "fn:subsequence()":
>>string-join(subsequence(tokenize("book/title/author", "/"), 1, last() -
> 1), "/")
> No, there's nothing here that changes the context, so the value of last() is
> unrelated to the number of tokens returned by tokenize().

:-( I knew that. I just wasn't thinking straight. The correct version is:

let $tokens := tokenize("book/title/author", "/")
   string-join(subsequence($tokens, 1, count($tokens) - 1), "/")

>>Instead of that, you could also try:
>>replace("book/title/author", "/.*?$", "")
> No, the "/" here will match the first "/" in the expression.
>>let $str := "book/title/author" return
>>substring-before($str, concat("/", substring-after($str, "/")))
> No, this will return "book".
>>I'm sure there are other good ways to acheive the result you want.
> There are indeed.

That'll teach me to post responses without trying them out...


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