[xquery-talk] performance figures for xquery processors

manavaputra at yahoo.com manavaputra at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 6 12:52:18 PST 2006


Wonder, if any one has done performance testing on
xquery processors that have java API and has some data
to share with. I have recently picked saxon for xquery
because of its reputation with XSLT and also being
used for conformance testing in the xquery
standardisation process. I am not sure if there is a
good competitor that i could evaluate and compare. If
there is one, please do recommend it to me. 

What i have done on my side are a couple of simple
tests on saxon document loading and xpath expression
evaluation in saxon versus the Xpath that is built
into Java5(I believe it is the same as what used to
JAXP xpath in java 4). Here is what i found. Saxon
documents take a longer to build and load and consume
a more of the java heap size, but their xpath
expression evaluations are much faster. Also the
memory it consumes for the evaluation seems to be less
compared to Java5 xpath. For the same document and
same xpath expressions that lead to a large number of
results, the  java5 xpath expression evaluation was
eating up all the heap while saxon xquery processor
yielded the results. Since java5 does not support
xquery, i could not evaluate FLWOR expressions and
other xquery specific stuff. 

I would like any other insights into saxon's
xpath/xquery peroformance either by itself or in
comparison with other xquery processors.

Thanks a lot

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