[xquery-talk] performance figures for xquery processors

Makoto YUI yuin at bb.din.or.jp
Wed Feb 8 15:32:45 PST 2006

Jonathan Robie <jonathan.robie at datadirect.com> wrote:
> 2. Returning entire XML documents, Extracting portions of very large XML 
> documents. (which many XML databases do very well)
> What else do y'all think should be addressed by standard benchmarks?

Yet about scenarios..

I think serialization (Result sequence to XML) time
should be separated, or such scenarios is required.

Because some user programs (that uses XQuery) 
may not require bulk/entire result at a time.

XQuery query results tends to be redundant/fat than 
relational's obviously, so something like DB cursor feature 
is required for large documents handling, just my opinion.

Sequence items might be lazily generated in some impl.

# The attempt to cooperate of PL and QL more closely 
# is what proposed with XLINQ etc.


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