[xquery-talk] performance figures for xquery processors

Makoto YUI yuin at bb.din.or.jp
Wed Feb 8 20:16:38 PST 2006

"Michael Kay" <mhk at mhk.me.uk> wrote:

> > Iterative execution requires more memory spaces in total,
> I don't understand this comment. What is the memory used for, and what
> strategy are you comparing with?

What I meant is that Iterator (that sequence yields) 
generates each item when next is called, so previous 
generated item may be newly generated by another iterator.

And, a sequence may yields Iterator more than once.

> > Last year, I was tried to benchmark several (free)
> > XQuery processors using XMark.
> XMark is all about optimizing relational-style joins, it tells you very
> little about evaluation of path expressions.

Good or bad.., XMark seems to be de-factorized in recent tend.


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