[xquery-talk] XML Query Test Suite version 0.8.6

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Clearly we still have some rough edges in this area. The test that you 
mention, extvardeclwithtype-2, should be using xs:date( "2006-02-07Z") as 
the source of the bound variable.

We wanted to be able to bind atomic values, element nodes, and document 
nodes to external variables in our tests. The use of an XQuery result 
seemed the easiest way for us to do this. 

                                                -- Andrew

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Re: [xquery-talk] XML Query Test Suite version 0.8.6


> I'm a bit surprised by the format of the new external variable tests, I
> put some comments in bugzilla

The surprising thing is that most of the tests make no use of this, ie

> declare variable $x as xs:date external;
> fn:string($x)

With x being bound to this:

> "2006-02-07Z"

Which is clearly an xs:string, even though it has the lexical format of
an xs:date. In X-Hive it's not a problem to bind these results to the
variable, but of course it gives errors because the input value is not
an xs:date. 

Does the test suite expect implementations to cast input values to the
required type? I don't read the spec like that, and I also don't read
the Test Suite Documentation like that ... can someone clarify?

> I don't know if it's just me, and other implementors wil have no problem
> with these...

Well, we don't - in X-Hive you can easily "chain" XQueries together,
plus we also have a Java API giving access to the datamodel types. The
problem is that the test suite doesn't specify a format for that - this
also causes most of the problems with badly escaped XML results and
number formats.


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