[xquery-talk] Saxon results for XQTS 0.8.4

Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Mon Jan 9 20:16:19 PST 2006

I have posted Saxon results for XQTS 0.8.4 at


The XML version is at


(Andrew, please treat this as an official submission)

These were run against an interim build of the Saxon product which has not
been released (it fixes a number of bugs which were found by the test suite:
those that aren't completely trivial have been posted on the SourceForge bug

The posted results show 9523 out of 9534 tests passed, but this is slightly
misleading, because:

* a number of tests are incorrect; these include 9 of the 11 that failed,
plus quite a few others where I ran a corrected version of the test and
reported a pass (all these errors have been posted in Bugzilla)

* the other two reported fails are in an area (double to string conversion)
where I have posted an issue against the specification

* the number of tests reporting the "wrong" error code is now greatly
reduced, but I have still reported these as a pass

* there are still a considerable number of whitespace problems in the test
results (which I have reported)

Michael Kay

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