[xquery-talk] XML Query Test Suite version 0.8.4

Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Wed Jan 11 15:15:53 PST 2006

> Thanks for this, but on reflection I think I won't do that and will
> either do nothing or write some code to explictly convert the 
> xslt codes to xquery ones.

That makes sense. Fortunately the XSLT error codes are generally more
fine-grained than the XQuery ones. It's still possible, though, that there
will be cases where the XSLT code doesn't give you enough information.

There are also situations where XSLT has different run-time semantics from
XQuery, a notable example being

element x {
  attribute a {3}
  attribute a {4}

How are you handling that?

Also, how are you handling the XQuery "order by" problem: what XSLT code do
you generate for pathological cases like

for $x in 1 to 10, $y in 100 to 200
order by $y, $x
return $x + $y

Michael Kay

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