[xquery-talk] querying an xml file with namespaces

Michaël Michaud michael.michaud at free.fr
Wed Jan 11 23:17:44 PST 2006


I try to query an xml file with nux XQueryUtil.
First time, i get messages such as
  "Prefix md has not been declared"

I could get the result by adding something like
  "declare namespace md="http://www.isotc211.org/2005/gmd";"
in front of my query string.

Now I try to read the namespaces first with another query
  XQueryUtil.xquery(node, "//namespace::*")
to automatically add the namespaces in front of my main query,
but I get the message :
  "The namespace axis is not available in XQuery"

Question : what is the simple method to query an xml file using
namespaces ?

Thanks a lot.


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