[xquery-talk] question about XQUERY C++ API

Natalia Kory Natalia.Kory at misys.com
Thu Jan 12 10:23:57 PST 2006



We need help from people who are familiar with XML filtering.


 We store XML documents as blobs in the database.  Since we have to
support Oracle, Sybase and MS SQL we can not use db vendor specific XML
functionality.  Each document can be up to 18KB and there could be
100,000 of the documents in the database. 


 We need to implement filtering in our C++ application for the data
stored in the DB (i.e we need to return to the calling application a
subset of the documents that satisfy filter criteria).  We plan to load
XML documents into memory one by one and then use XQUERY to filter out
documents that do not satisfy filter criteria.  Can someone help us with
the following questions:


 1.   Is there a C++ API we can use for XQUERY processing?

 2.   Any idea what performance will be like?

 3.   Is there a better approach to our problem?






 Your help is greatly appreciated



Natalia Kory
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