[xquery-talk] Using UNC file paths in Saxon Xquery

Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Tue Jan 17 23:25:37 PST 2006

Saxon.NET is essentially Saxon recompiled using the IKVM compiler, using the
GNU Classpath for its runtime support. The URI resolution therefore depends
on what GNU Classpath does. There's no standard for how to map URIs to UNC
filenames, so it's quite likely to vary from one implementation to another,
and the best place to get an answer might be on a GNU Classpath forum
(http://www.gnu.org/software/classpath/). I'm afraid I'm only just beginning
to get to grips with the Saxon.NET port myself, so I can't help you very
much. I would suggest that the easiest solution is to write your own
URIResolver, but I can't even be 100% certain that the Saxon.NET port offers
that capability (I wasn't involved in creating it).
Michael Kay


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Hi All, 


I'm needing a bit of help.


I'm using the Saxon implementation of XQuery (actually Saxon.Net) on Windows
and am enjoying having the ability to tinker with Xquery from DotNet sans
SQL Server.

I'm trying to make use of UNC file paths in my XQuery and am getting a error
I haven't been able to resolve - possibly because I'm not familiar enough
with Java..  

The Error is::


Error at function local:Combine() on line 85

  Invalid URI {file:////tsclient/C/_Backup_of...} - base

  doesn't match URI regular expression:




Here's Coll_APP.xml 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


href="file:////tsclient/C/_Backup_offline/UALogs/APS/Log_2005-12-14.xml" />

href="file:////tsclient/C/_Backup_offline/UALogs/APS/Log_2005-12-15.xml" />

href="file:////tsclient/C/_Backup_offline/UALogs/APS/Log_2005-12-16.xml" />

href="file:////tsclient/C/_Backup_offline/UALogs/APS/Log_2005-12-17.xml" />



I've read a post on SourceForge in the Saxon.Net project forum that
suggested using 4 forward slashes

As I've done above but that got the error above, I've also tried three and
two slashes without success.


Please forward me any suggestions you may have.



K. Alexander


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