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Michael Rys mrys at microsoft.com
Sat Jan 21 11:15:00 PST 2006

Hi Frank

Since I don't like to register to just comment on a blog, here is a
quick comment:

Your comment about that FOR XML is not good to manage XML data is
correct, but also off the point: that's not its purpose...

FOR XML is not meant to be used for managing XML data. It is meant to
provide an effective and simple way to transform relational data into
XML form.

The XML data type and XQuery and XML-DML are meant for managing XML data
that is not relational in nature.

You better look at the XML data type and the (at the moment only subset)
support of XQuery. Critique in that area would be much more appropriate
for this list and more useful.


Disclosure: I am the Program Manager for XML data type, XQuery and FOR
XML in SQL Server 2005

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> Maybe SQL Server 2005 has some new secret sauce for handling XML  
> data. I ran across Jerry Dixon's article in which he talks about the  
> new XML features. Jerry writes from a software developer perspective  
> that seems true: He likes the new XML features but uses them to  
> create XML, not to store XML.
> I blog about this at:
> http://www.xquerynow.com/cohensxblog/sql2005.html
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