[xquery-talk] SQL Server 2005

Peter Coppens Peter.Coppens at datadirect.com
Sun Jan 22 02:49:12 PST 2006

> And btw, Peter: the reason why we implemented FOR XML PATH instead of
> the SQL/XML publishing functions are:
> 1. We shipped the FOR XML technology before the standardization
> even started. Given our number of users, we cannot just abandon them.
> 2. We feel that the FOR XML PATH aggregator is much more concise to
> author and maintain that the SQL/XML publishing functions for most
> (and even I never remember where to put the XMLAGGs and XMLFORESTs).
> 3. We offered FOR XML for standardization, but our dear competitors
> some reasons (hmmmm...) did not want to accept it.
> 4. We have received little to no customer requests for the XML
> publishing functions so far.
> If we indeed get more requests from customers and have the necessary
> resources, we certainly will look into the standard functions as well.
> But until then, I better use our resources to improve the native XML
> processing with the XML data type and XQuery....

Thanks Michael....I am obviously not questioning Microsoft's product
strategy. Seems to make perfect sense to me.

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