[xquery-talk] SQL Server 2005

Ronald Bourret rpbourret at rpbourret.com
Sun Jan 22 23:31:13 PST 2006

Michael Rys wrote:

> 1) I am not going to evangelize functionality that I do not implement...
> And it is not my problem if nobody writes about it...

This is precisely the kind of steady business focus that has given 
Microsoft a black eye in the idealistic world of programmers. Shame, 
shame ;)

> 3) As Kent says, you should use PATH mode in most cases. EXPLICIT mode
> should only be used under the following circumstances:
> 1. You already have it running...
> 2. Sometimes it still executes faster than nested FOR XML PATH but not
> always.
> 3. You are a masochist...

Looks like I need to take a closer look at FOR XML PATH...

-- Ron

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