[xquery-talk] Type promotion (or URI promotion) in EBV calculation?

Jonathan Robie jonathan.robie at datadirect.com
Mon Jan 23 11:59:40 PST 2006

Martin Probst wrote:

>I can understand that full type promotion might not be wanted in EBV
>calculation, but the difference between xs:anyURI and xs:string might
>not be very obvious to users and generally just clutters the language.
>URI promotion is a workaround for that, and I think it should be used in
>that place too (as in many other places).
>What do you think?

Hi Martin,

I don't think users have an intuition for how to use URIs as Boolean 
values, and trying to support this just makes the language more complex 
and more confusing. Can you think of a compelling use case?


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