[xquery-talk] xqDoc adds support for recent XQuery Working Drafts and Candidate Recommendation

McBeath, Darin W (ELS-AMS) D.McBeath at elsevier.com
Fri Jan 27 16:17:59 PST 2006

Today, xqDoc announced support for the April 2005 and September 2005 W3C
XQuery Working Drafts and the November 2005 W3C XQuery Candidate
Recommendation. The xqDoc Java/ANTLR conversion package and xqDoc web
service can now generate xqDoc XML from library and main modules adhering to
one of these specifications. Similarly, xqDoc now provides vendor neutral
XQuery presentation scripts (for April 2005, September 2005, and November
2005) to support the rendering of the generated xqDoc XML. 

In total, xqDoc now supports the following W3C XQuery Working Drafts and
Candidate Recommendation. 

* May 2003 Working Draft
* November 2003 Working Draft
* October 2004 Working Draft
* April 2005 Working Draft
* September 2005 Working Draft
* November 2005 Candidate Recommendation

In addition a version of xqDoc (codname xqDoc-Lite) is also being developed
that will not require an underlying XML database repository (this will
include the support for the Saxon XQuery engine). This enhancement is
currently scheduled for late Q1 2006.

As always, we are interested in your feedback.

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