[xquery-talk] [ANNOUNCE] A New Video Tutorial Has Been Released: Learn Stylus Studio in 6 Minutes

Stylus Studio stylusstudio at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 13:15:14 PST 2006

[ANNOUNCE]Hello Everyone,
Stylus Studio just released a brand new video tutorial called, "LearnStylus Studio in 6 Minutes". It's a great way to learn Stylus Studioin a short amount of time.  You can view the video here:http://www.stylusstudio.com/videos/tour1/tour1.html
The new "Learn Stylus Studio in 6 Minutes" video tutorial covers thefollowing topics:
•  Using the File Explorer to access to local and network directories•  Organizing your XML development projects with the Project window•  Working with XML files using different XML editing views — textview, tree view, and the grid view•  Accelerating XML editing with XML auto-completion, syntax-help andcode coloring•  Validating XML using MSXML, System.XML, Apache Xerces, XSV or otherXML Schema validators•  Creating new documents from scratch with XML document wizards,including XML from XML Schema, HTML to XML, etc.•  How to create XSLT from HTML using the XSLT designer.•  Converting legacy data to XML with Convert to XML, including EDI to XML.•  Accessing data in a relational database as XML using the StylusStudio Relational to XML data mapping•  Keeping track of changes made to your XML documents with XML differencing•  Converting EDI, EDIFACT, and generating XML Schema from XML files•  Using the XML Schema Editor to modify and design XML Schema using asynchronized graphical user interface.•  Editing and executing XML applications using the XQuery and XSLT Editor•  Evaluating XSLT performance and optimizing XQuery applicationsusing Stylus Studio powerful profiling tools.•  Developing XQuery FLOWR expressions with the XQuery mapper•  Generating customized Java code to deploy your applications withthe Java Code Generator•  Integrating Web services in your XML applications.
*Actual running time is 6 Minutes and 44 seconds. This video tutorialhas been produced at a slightly higher frame rate to accelerate yourXML learning experience.
Sincerely,The Stylus Studio Teamhttp://www.stylusstudio.com

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