[xquery-talk] [ANN] XML Studio v6 --Integrating XML Visualization with XQuery

ALT Mobile dev at altmobile.com
Mon Jul 17 08:19:29 PDT 2006

ALT Mobile (http://altmobile.com) is pleased to announce the 
availability of the <alt> XML Studio v6. Providing XML-centric 
development tools for the Enterprise XML, Web 2.0, and Mobile Internet 
markets, the XML Studio provides the following XQuery-specific features:

1. XML Visualization. Our DOM Browser and HyperDOM technologies 
implement state-of-the-art visualization technologies which are coupled 
with innovations in object-oriented and direct manipulation user 
interface technologies. Supporting a local Java API and a remote XML-RPC 
API, XQuery programs can easily display query results.
2. High Performance XML Processing Components. To enable the processing 
of large XML data sets and ease of use for common development scenarios, 
we have created new processing architectures and built higher-level XML 
APIs. These APIs provide an "Exclude Others"-style of processing as 
opposed to the "Include All"-style provided by SAX and DOM, etc. 
Applications which use XQuery can leverage these APIs to selectively 
extract XML content.
3. XML Analytics and Reporting. Our Node Insight technology provides 
developers with everything from namespace usage information to attribute 
value reporting. Users of XML data stores now have insight into the 
repository's content.
4. XQuery Engine Integration. We have tested against Data Direct's XQJ, 
IBM's DB2 v9, and Saxon. Though we provide explicit support and examples 
for Data Direct's XQJ, we provide an Interactive Workspace which 
provides a Java interpreter with dynamic class path management. This 
means that you can load any Java-based XQuery library as well as 
experimental versions of your favorite XQuery implementations.

Available on OS X, Windows XP, and RedHat Linux. Cost is set at USD 1000 
per copy for a commercial license and USD 100 for a personal license.

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