[xquery-talk] search hit count

Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Thu Jul 20 22:04:12 PDT 2006

> The XML structure is basic TEI. 

There are many XML vocabularies and many of them are widely used, but it
would be a mistake to assume that readers of this list are familiar with all
of them.

> So, to get a more accurate 
> count, I need to count all p, title, l, hi, etc.. tags that 
> contain the keyword?

If you want to count the number of occurrences of $keyword anywhere within
element X, a close estimate would be

count(tokenize(X, $keyword))

(Not exact, because of occurrences that are adjacent to each other or to the
start or end).

Or you could do

(string-length(X) - string-length(replace(X, $keyword, ''))) div

Michael Kay

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