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David White davidw at kencook.com
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Hi Jonathan, thanks for the response.

* Yes your right on the mark, with what we are trying to do.
- We are attempting to create a traditional relational database.  Does it create additional complications if we use the XML datatype to store xml chunks?

- The only real application of XQUERY we are looking for is to SELECT data from our database and output it in XML so we can publish books.  The modification/creation/deletion of data can be handled by other means.

- We currently use XMLSpy Entrprise edition, and Apache Xalan + XSFormatter by Antenna House.  Are more tools needed to pull data from a SQL database?

Thanks much for the response!

David Whtie

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Hi David,

I assume you are doing data publishing, where much of the document is 
hand-authored, but some of it is generated from a database. Is this right?

A few questions:

- In the database, is the data you want in traditional relational rows 
and columns, or is it in XML stored in the database?
- How much of XQuery do you need? Is the limited support found natively 
in SQL Server 2005 enough for your needs, or do you want to be able to 
use pretty much the whole language? Or if you could issue SQL from a 
stylesheet, would that meet your needs?
- Do you want to do this from within a program, or from within an XML IDE?


David White wrote:
> Thanks for the URLs,
> I looked them over and they are similar to other information I have 
> already found.  I will provide more specifics to what I need help on.
> We use docbook XML and apache xalan to publish our books.
> Is anyone familiar with this chain and how to get it to talk to 
> Microsoft SQL 2005?

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