[xquery-talk] comparing consequtive elements

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Fri Jun 2 15:53:58 PDT 2006

> no book recommendations guys? web tutorials?

The answers are just Xpath1 no xpath2 or xquery features so you may
prefer to start with xpath tutorials (as they are a lot more mature,
given that they have had 7 years' head start) usual recommendations
are xsl faq (www.dpawson.co.uk) Jeni's pages (www.jenitennison.com)
or zvon can be quite good if you like lots of worked examples

> PS why do I get reply messages twice?
'cause I didn't notice that this list doesn't set the reply-to-list
header so my mailer sent one reply to you and one CC to the list.
this one going just to the list so you should only get one.

I would suggest that the list maintainer changes the default to reply to
list, but that's a somewhat perenial debate amongst list maintainers:-)



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