[xquery-talk] navigating xml file in breadth first , depth first guided search in xquery

fatma helmy fatmahelmy2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 7 04:32:00 PDT 2006

suppose i have this xml file
    <book id="1" >
      <title>seven years in trenton</title>
    <book id="1" >
      <title>history of trenton</title>
    <book id="2" >
      <title>trenton today, trenton tomorrow</title>  
      <author> </author>

i need to generate an xml file that contains the most
frequent elements based on breadth and depth first .
for example, i need to get all desendants of book,
which are title, price, author (breadth first) , i
would exclude author sine its count is less than 2,
aftre this step, i need to form a line in an xml file
that contains  book/price , book/title and then unfold
book/title and book/price individually preserving the
full path name.

can xquery do something like that?
we used to implementing breadth and depth by
converting trees into string, would xquery be efficient?

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