[xquery-talk] if statements within where clauses?

Cindy Girard clm6u at virginia.edu
Wed Jun 14 15:45:59 PDT 2006

Thanks, Jonathan.

I switched it to this:

$hits :=
  for $entries in collection($collctn)//tei.2
    let $docname := concat($entries/@id, '.xml')
    let $divs := $entries//div1
    let $text := $entries/text
    where contains($text, $keyword)
      and if ($region = 'all') then ()
        else $entries//classcode = $region
      and if ($gender = 'all') then ()
        else $entries//classcode = $gender
      and if ($race = 'all') then ()
        else $entries//classcode = $race
      and if ($type = 'all') then ()
        else $entries/@type = $type
    <doc>{$entries/@type, <ct>-</ct>}</doc>,

But I get the following error:

Error: Error in XQuery expression: syntax error, unexpected "if" [err:XPST0003],

What else can I try?


JR> Jonathan Robie wrote:
>> Hi Cindy,
>> XQuery allows expressions to be combined very freely, and you can 
>> certainly use an if expression for conditional logic in a WHERE 
>> clause, as follows:
>>    ....
>>    where contains($text, $keyword)
>>      and if ($var ='all')
>>             $entries//classcode = $region
>>          else
>>             true()
>> I did not understand what you are trying to do well enough to know 
>> exactly what the query should look like.
>> Hope this helps!
>> Jonathan

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- Cindy 

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