[xquery-talk] [ANN] DataDirect XQuery 2.0 - Available for download now!

Carlo Innocenti minollo at minollo.com
Tue Jun 27 21:47:03 PDT 2006

DataDirect XQuery 2.0 ­ Taking XQuery Beyond XML and Relational

Release 2.0 of DataDirect XQuery 
(http://www.datadirect.com/xquery) is available 
now for download 

Why should you try 2.0? DataDirect XQuery 2.0 will be great for you if you:

* Need to query relational and XML data in a 
single XQuery using standard APIs and not being 
tied to proprietary dialect or interfaces
* Have an application with memory or scalability 
issues using large XML documents
* Have data sources that are something other than 
XML or relational and want to use XQuery with them too (CSV, EDIFACT, X12, ...)
* Want to increase your application’s performance 
and tune specifically for your environment

Summary of What’s New in Release 2.0:

- Performance and Scalability Enhancements ­ 
Performance enhancements have been made to 
further optimize queries. Some performance 
optimizations are now configurable by the user ­ 
allowing more control to choose optimizations for 
their specific environments. XML projection and 
streaming may dramatically reduce the amount of 
memory required when processing large XML documents
- Integration with Stylus Studio XML Deployment 
Adapters ­ These adapters give you the ability to 
use DataDirect XQuery to query and integrate data 
sources that are not XML or relational (for 
example, comma-separated or EDI files; see 
http://www.stylusstudio.com/deployment/datadirectxquery for more details)
- Additional support for Java extensions - The 
ability to use external Java functions has been 
enhanced and improved (support for instance methods)
- Additional Database Support ­ Support added for 
Oracle 10gR2, Sybase 15, and MS SQL Server 2005. 
Check the complete list of supported databases 
for your specific database or version at 
- Updated XQuery Support ­ Supports the November, 
2005 Candidate Recommendation XQuery 
specification and adds support for XQuery modules.
- Industry standard XQuery Test Suite ­ Tested 
against the W3C XQTS (results will be published soon)

See the DataDirect XQuery FAQ 
for more information.

DataDirect Technologies
Program manager, XML Technologies

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