[xquery-talk] [ANN] Sedna XML database system 1.0 released

Maxim Grinev maxim at grinev.net
Wed Jun 28 19:13:32 PDT 2006

We are pleased to announce a version 1.0 of the Sedna XML database system.
Sedna is being developed since early 2003. It is our sixth release (previous
releases were 0.1-0.5). Now Sedna has a quite complete set of features
required for a database system.


New (since the previous release 0.5)
- Bug fixes 
- XQuery extended with support for: date, time, duration functions; all
XPath axes; 
expressions on SequenceTypes (Instance Of, Typeswitch, Castable, Treat),
Order By
- The XQuery functions position(), last() are optimized
- Recovery
- Event Log
- Backup and Restore Utilities
- Integration with dtSearch (http://www.dtsearch.com), a commercial text
retrieval engine
(not included in the distributive, please contact us to get information on
this feature)

Complete List of Features 1.0
Basic features:
- Available for free in open source form under Apache License 2.0
- Native XML DBMS implemented from scratch in C/C++ and Scheme
- W3C XQuery language (partial support for the latest specification)
- Declarative node-level update language 
- Native XML data storage structures designed for efficient support for both
queries and updates (no underlying relational or another DBMS). The XML data
storage is based on descriptive schema (derived from data, also called
- ACID transactions 
- Database security (users, roles and privileges) 
- Efficient support for stand-alone XML documents and collections of XML
- Efficient support for stand-alone and in-collection documents of
unrestricted size
- Structural indices (based on descriptive schema) and value indices (based
on B-tree)
- Perl-compatible regular expressions (based on PCRE-library) 
- Unicode (utf8) 
- SQL connection from XQuery 
- XQuery external functions implemented in C
- Administration via easy-to-use command line utilities
- Supplied with extensive documentation including Quick Start 
- Support for Windows and Linux platforms

Application Programming: 
- Java API, C API, Scheme API (Chicken, Gambit, PLT)
- Python API, .Net API and OmniMark API (available as third-party software)
- Open socket-base client/server protocol that allows implementing APIs for
other programming languages 

Extra Features:
- Integration with Apache HTTP server (via Apache module)
- Integration with dtSearch (http://www.dtsearch.com)
(not included in the distributive, please contact us to get information on
this feature)

Best regards,
Maxim Grinev
Sedna team

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