[xquery-talk] separating attribute name from its value and also counting similar attribute names and values

fatma helmy fatmahelmy2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 3 03:16:15 PST 2006

thanks it worked using name() and string , now i need
to count the similar attribute values
suppose i have the following
let $j := 
<author firstname='joe' lastname='carlon'> <author>
<author firstname='joe' lastname='carlon'> <author>
<author firstname='mary' > <author>


i need to generate this output 

<path 'book/author'>
<attrname = firstname  count=3>
<attrval> joe count=2 mary count=1</attrval>
<attrname = lastname  count=2>
<attrval> carlon count=2 </attrval>

to get attribute path , i used xdmp:describe but it
did not work , i use stylus studio professional
but assume i have the path and i want to extract all
attribute in this path


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