[xquery-talk] Learn XQuery from XPath 2.0

Florent Georges darkman_spam at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 13 01:21:59 PST 2006

Michael Kay wrote:

> I'm not aware of anyone who has approached teaching the
> language from this angle: many tutorials assume ignorance
> of XPath 1.0, let alone 2.0.

  What a pitty.  Actually, I use XQuery as a tool in my XSLT
developments, as it is both quicker and stronger to write a
simple query (and then throw it away, save it in a file or
just keep it in an editor buffer during the day) to verify
data in a file or test a query.

  IMHO, XQuery is a good XSLT developer tool ;-)

> The differences are essentially:

> 1. FLWOR expressions
> 2. node construction expressions
> 3. function declarations
> 4. the Query Prolog

> (2) and (3) are extremely similar to their XSLT 2.0
> equivalents; (4) is largely administrivia; so the real
> meat is (1) - FLWOR expressions.  There are a few
> tutorials on FLWOR, for example my article at

> http://www.stylusstudio.com/xquery_flwor.html

  Your articles were actually my first contact with XQuery.
I think they are usefull in my point of view, even if they
don't specifically want to teach XQuery to XPath developers.

  But I didn't find other documents to make the link between
your articles and the XQuery spec.  It's still prematured
for me to use it as an all-day-reference-material as I do
with XSLT, XPath and F&O specs.

  Thanks!  Regards,



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