[xquery-talk] [ANNOUCE] New XML Schema Video Tutorial

Stylus Studio stylusstudio at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 11:42:44 PST 2006

Hey Everyone,

A brand new video tutorial on XML Schema has just been released.  The
video covers the following topics:

•  Using the XML Schema Generator to quick-start creating XML Schema
•  Generating an XML schema from EDIFACT or X12
•  Creating an XML Schema from a DTD
•  How to associate an XML document with an XML schema
•  Troubleshooting and validating XML documents against their
associated XML Schema
•  Visualizing an XML data model using the XML Schema Designer
•  Generating XML Schema Documentation using either the XS3P or XSD-doc formats
•  Navigating XML Schema types in Stylus Studio, including externally
defined schema components
•  Drag and Drop, Copy-Paste operations in the XML Schema Editor
•  Re-factoring of an XML Schema fragment
•  Generating XML instances corresponding to XML Schema components
•  Configuring the XML Schema diagram display options
•  Viewing and modifying XML Schema properties

You can access this video here:

The Stylus Studio Team

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