[xquery-talk] anonymous schema import?

Jeff Dexter jeff.dexter at rainingdata.com
Mon May 1 16:29:04 PDT 2006

Well, if you were just using the in-scope schemas for the purpose of
validation then the prefix isn't needed. For instance,

	import schema 'http://example.com/books';

	validate { doc( 'books.xml' ) }

doesn't ever need to refer to anything in the schema directly so there's no
need for a prefix.

Jeff Dexter.

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I'm puzzled.
In a SchemaImport, the SchemaPrefix is optional. That is, you can import 
a schema without binding a namespace prefix to the target namespace or 
declaring the target namespace to be the default element/type namespace.
But why would you? How would the query make use of such a schema?

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