[xquery-talk] Parsing WSDL with XQuery?

Frank Cohen fcohen at rainingdata.com
Mon May 8 09:09:51 PDT 2006

I'm working on a new function in TestMaker (http:// 
www.pushtotest.com) that reads a WSDL definition for a Web Service  
and writes a jUnit TestCase. In TestMaker the TestCase is then run  
multiple times and concurrently to load-test the service.

I have not found a library that can take a WSDL document that defines  
a service using Document-literal encoding, XML Schemas (meaning a  
Types section and includes to XSD's) and return an XML document that  
I can fill-in to make the request to the service.

The utilities I found - including Axis 1.3 - get as far as the  
Document-literal encoding and then they punt. They write the stub to  
take an Object and you're left completely hanging to interpret the  
WSDL and XSDs yourself to create the XML and pass it in as the Object.

I am wondering if this sounds like an appropriate task for XQuery?


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