[xquery-talk] XQuery web APIs

Martin Probst martin at x-hive.com
Tue May 16 22:27:24 PDT 2006


I'm currently trying to add some basic functionality to use XQuery as  
a web scripting language to X-Hive/DB. It's currently possible to use  
it that way, but it's somewhat painful.

I've noticed that both MarkLogic and eXist DB provide some methods on  
how to do this. I wonder if there is interest in collaboration, so  
that at least some basic web functionality would be compatible  
between applications? I've also written down some thoughts on this  
here: http://www.martin-probst.com/archives/2006/05/16/xquery-as-a- 


Martin Probst
X-Hive Corporation
martin at x-hive.com

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