[xquery-talk] difference between xml database processor (xquery)and dom

Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Fri May 19 23:44:33 PDT 2006

XQuery is a much higher-level interface to XML than the DOM API. As such,
the main benefit is that you can do the processing in a fraction of the
number of lines of code. Which means faster development and fewer errors. 

When comparing performance, it tends to be the case that the performance of
a high-level language is as good as an average programmer using lower-level
APIs, but not as good as a first-rate expert.

Michael Kay

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> dear all
> is there a difference between handling xml file using xquery 
> processor such as saxon for example and handling xml using 
> dom api from inside a programming language?
> in other words what does xquery as a native database for xml 
> offer ? does it build special indexes to enhance handling xml 
> file, does it save memory usage
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