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Martin Probst martin at x-hive.com
Wed May 24 04:58:07 PDT 2006

Thanks everybody for the feedback. Maybe we could talk about this at  

Am 23.05.2006 um 07:58 schrieb Jason Hunter:

> Martin Probst wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm currently trying to add some basic functionality to use XQuery  
>> as a web scripting language to X-Hive/DB. It's currently possible  
>> to use it that way, but it's somewhat painful.
>> I've noticed that both MarkLogic and eXist DB provide some methods  
>> on how to do this. I wonder if there is interest in collaboration,  
>> so that at least some basic web functionality would be compatible  
>> between applications? I've also written down some thoughts on this  
>> here: http://www.martin-probst.com/archives/2006/05/16/xquery-as-a- 
>> web-scripting-language/
> Sorry, I'm coming a little late to this thread.  Life's been really  
> crazy the last week.
> MarkLogic has supported web based deployment since its first  
> release, and it's proven a very popular deployment vehicle.  We  
> support calling into MarkLogic from Java/.NET/etc of course (using  
> a wire protocol just like people would use JDBC).  But if you use  
> XQuery as your primary web language you have the benefit of no  
> impedence mismatch between the Java and XML.  In fact you have no  
> impedence mismatch at all.  You can natively speak to your back-end  
> (XML) and with your front end (XHTML or XSL-FO).  We have customers  
> who used Java/Struts to front for their big MarkLogic project  
> (playing it safe) and XQuery to front their smaller projects, and  
> decided that the XQuery worked so well all future large scale  
> MarkLogic efforts would use straight XQuery.
> I definitely hope the meme spreads.  It works.  Perl is pretty good  
> at text processing, and in the day it was king of the web -- but  
> these days the web isn't just text it's XML (as XHTML), and XQuery  
> is darn good at XML!
> MarkLogic exposes web functionality in a simple manner fully  
> conformant with the XQuery language by using server-provided built- 
> in functions. They're documented at http://xqzone.marklogic.com/ 
> pubs/3.0/apidocs/AppServerBuiltins.html.
> -jh-

Martin Probst
X-Hive Corporation
martin at x-hive.com

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