[xquery-talk] how to construct XML via strings

Maxim Grinev maxim at grinev.net
Mon Oct 2 21:18:31 PDT 2006

> >
> > Is there any way to construct XML using strings?
> You're looking for an equivalent of XSLT's disable-output-escaping which
> has
> been one of the most problematic features of the language and is therefore
> deprecated in XSLT 2.0.

So there is no way to do this according to the XQuery specification?

> If your processor allows you to use the text output method then you may be
> able to do this, but I really wouldn't recommend it.
> > Please note in our application we cannot use element constructors.
> Why?

The string that contains XML is returned by an external function via
foreign-function interface. We need to return it as a part of an XML
document constructed using element constructors.

Maxim Grinev

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