[xquery-talk] how to construct XML via strings

Maxim Grinev maxim at grinev.net
Mon Oct 2 21:37:45 PDT 2006

Thanks David and Michael.

It seems that there is no standard way to achieve it. David's solution to
parse XML string to build nodes is good but might be slow: it causes
intermediate conversion that is not really required.

It also seems that Michael Kay is right that it is one of the most
problematic features of XQuery. We are developing our own XQuery
implementation called Sedna and we cannot understand how we can extend
XQuery in a natural way to support the feature.


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> > The string that contains XML is returned by an external function via
> > foreign-function interface. We need to return it as a part of an XML
> > document constructed using element constructors
> Can't you modify your external function to pass the string through an
> XML parser, and supply a document node rather than a string to XQuery?
> Or, equivalently call an XML parser as an external function. In saxon
> for example you could use
> saxon:parse($string)
> to return the nodes resulting from parsing the XML in the string.
> David

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